Reidsville, GA Electrical Services

There’s no question that electricity is dangerous. Most parents warn their children to avoid putting their fingers in light sockets or using electric appliances around water. These are all things that can be controlled. However, the real danger is not understanding if there is an electrical problem in a home or other building. Getting to know the warning signs of some of the most common electrical issues can help a home or business owner figure out the type of electrical repairs needed to keep things safe.

Abnormal sounds or smells, shocking switches, tripping breakers, and flickering lights are all common warning signs that can’t be ignored. There are steps that any Reidsville, GA homeowner can take to help prevent the issues from getting worse, but electrical repairs can be challenging, so it is often best to rely on the professionals for electrical system repair and service.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Lights that seem to constantly dim or flicker are a clear sign there is some type of electrical issue present. Improper wiring, a poor connection, or too many appliances on a single circuit may be to blame. The issue could also be because of a lower-than-normal voltage supply, which means that the bulbs being used in the fixtures do not receive the proper amount of power. If a homeowner checks the bulb and finds that it is secure, but the flickering keeps happening, it is best to call the professionals to check the fixture and wiring.

Breakers That Trip Often

Circuit breakers are installed as a type of safety precaution. The breaker will trip if the amount of electricity that is running through any specific circuit is too much or more than it is capable of handling. When the breaker trips, it prevents electricity from moving through the circuit, which also prevents the potential of an electrical fire.

If a homeowner notices that the circuit is tripping more often than usual, they should start by unplugging some of the appliances that are pulling a lot of electricity. It is possible to move these to a different circuit or call the professionals at HDI Home & Office Electrical Services to upgrade the entire electrical system. If the issue persists, it is best to turn off the main breaker and wait for a professional electrician to evaluate the specific issue.

Humming or Buzzing Noises

If an outlet or switch starts to make an audible buzzing or humming sound, it is a warning that it is time to take action. If the problem is found to be with the connection, it means that there is a current between the metal wire contacts that are inside of the switch that has started to arch. If something arcs, it means that there is a current that is essentially jumping from one metal part to another, rather than flowing through the metal paths. If the issue is found to be with the switch itself, it could be due to a loose connection.

A Burning Odor

In many situations, the bad or odd smell comes right before an electrical fire. If there is a short that has resulted in a spark, it could also create an unusual smell. A short is when wires of opposing polarity touch. This causes a spark or results in the circuit breaker being tripped. To make sure no additional damage occurs, it is best to turn off the entire circuit breaker and then contact an electrician for additional help.

Outlets or Switches That Cause a Shock

Small shocks that are caused by an outlet or switch are usually due to a wire that is shorting out. If the shocking sensation continues, the switch or the outlet may have to be replaced. Keep in mind that this is a job best left to the professionals. For those who own an older building, it may be necessary to replace the wiring sooner rather than later. If the wiring is worn-out and malfunctions occur, it can result in a fire or blackout. If these warning signs are ignored, then a small issue may become a bigger problem. These types of issues range from ruining an appliance because of a power surge to starting a fire that will cause devastating damage.

Understanding when electrical services are needed is the best way to ensure a home is safe and that no serious injuries occur. Remember, an electrician can handle any electrical issue that may arise, so be sure to keep this in mind when dealing with any type of electrical problem.