Douglas, GA Electrical Services

If a homeowner is worried that their home has faulty wiring, they should schedule an inspection as soon as possible. It’s estimated that there are more than 51 thousand home fires that involve electrical components every year in the United States. The fires result in over 500 deaths each year. This has resulted in the Electrical Safety Foundation International recommending that all-electric work in the home is handled by quality, professional electricians.

If a homeowner is considered their Douglas, GA residence may have faulty wiring, it is a good idea to get to know some of the tell-tale signs of a problem. This will ensure they are confident that electrical services are needed. Some of the signs it is time to call for this service can be found below.

Flickering Lights

Dimming or flickering light fixtures while they are being used isn’t always because of a fault with the fixture. A more likely cause is other appliances that have been attached to the same circuit. Some appliances, those that are more energy-hungry, like the washing machine or a heater, can draw quite a bit of power.

It is a good idea to contact an electrician to test both the circuit and the appliance. Sometimes, the lighting can be moved to another circuit. The electricians at HDI Home & Office Electrical Services can also make sure that all the heavy-duty appliances have the proper power supply and the appropriate amount of protection.

Strange Odors

If a new appliance is being used, an unusual odor is no cause for concern, and it doesn’t mean that professional electrical services are needed. This is completely normal because light oil or something else may be burning off when it is first turned on. However, if a strange odor persists, it could be because there is a fault.

If a homeowner notices a burning odor around an electric outlet or coming from a fuse box, it is a sign of an issue. Make sure to stop using this appliance and if needed, turn the power off completely. At this point, calling an electrician for an inspection is best.

Hot Sockets or Switches

If there is any amount of heat coming out of the electric wiring, outlets, or switches, it is a cause for concern. Make sure to continue monitoring any warm areas in case the temperature starts to go up. If the socket is always warm, it may be okay, but if it ever gets hot, make sure to have a professional check it out and find the underlying issue. Even with higher-power devices, like heaters, there should never be heat coming from the actual electrical supply. If this happens, try plugging it into a different outlet. If it does not feel hot in this new outlet, have the original one inspected.

If an outlet gets warm or hot even if there isn’t any type of electrical device plugged in, there may be a wiring issue. Don’t use the outlet and make sure to have it inspected.

Circuit Breakers That Trip Regularly

The purpose of circuit breakers, or fuses, is to protect the home and the appliances that are plugged in. These will trip or they will blow if the load becomes too high. This action helps to prevent the possibility of overload and it can help protect additional damage that could lead to a fire.

When the circuit breakers start to trip more often, or when a certain appliance is used, it may be because the appliance is faulty. If the breaker trips when using a certain outlet in the house, it may be that the circuit has become overloaded. Asking an electrician for help or about the possibility of an upgrade is a good idea.

Weird Sounds

No electrical circuit should ever produce noise. It isn’t normal to have any type of electrical humming or buzzing noise. If this is heard, it could be the result of defective appliances, faulty wiring, or even loose connections. If the source of the weird sound is found, make sure the appliance is unplugged or that the circuit is disconnected. Don’t start using it again until consulting with an electrician.

Electrical repairs aren’t something that should be considered a DIY project. If there is a problem and services are needed, it is best to call a professional. They can find the underlying problem and make the needed repairs safely and efficiently. In the long run, seeking this service will pay off and help to minimize current and future issues that may occur.