Claxton, GA Electrical Services

Most homeowners have a large number of responsibilities to handle on a daily basis. This includes making sure the electrical system in their home is working properly and safely. However, a question that many homeowners have is how can they tell when electrical repairs or service is needed?

This is a good question. For Claxton, GA residents who want to feel confident they need help with their electrical system, get to know some of the most common issues that may arise. These issues are highlighted below.

Frayed Wires

The electrical wires that are in any home may begin to fray due to corrosion, bending, or heat. They may also be damaged when nails or screws are put into the wall and pierce or puncture them. While most homeowners don’t want to hear this, there are some pests – like rats and mice – that really enjoy chewing on electrical wires and wreaking havoc on electrical systems.

If someone sees any indications of pest activity in or around their home, it is best to check all of the wires in the space to make sure there isn’t any damage present. If wires are damaged, no matter the reasons, they present a serious hazard. If a homeowner finds a damaged wire, they should call a professional electrical service, such as HDI Home & Office Electrical Services for an inspection. They can determine if there is a problem and what repairs are needed.

Switches That Shock the User

If the light switches in the home start to shock people when they turn a light on or off, it may mean that the wiring is old or damaged. In some situations, switches that cause a shock may result from a wire that is in the circuit that winds up shorting out to the conduit, which is where the wires have been enclosed. This sensation isn’t pleasant, but it is also a tell-tale sign that the switch in question is short-circuiting. The cause of this problem may be a device that has been plugged into the specific switch, a problem with the actual switch, or even a single wire that has damaged insulation around it.

If the issue continues after the devices have been taken out and disconnected, then it means that the switch’s wiring has been damaged. It is never a good idea to attempt a DIY repair at this point. Instead, call the professionals to fix the issue properly and safely.

Fuses or Breakers that Trip

The circuit breaker that is installed in a home is designed to protect it from the dangers that may occur if the power flow exceeds the maximum amount allowed. It does this by tripping. A fuse offers the same type of protection but, instead of tripping, they will blow out and require replacement if the total flow of electricity exceeds the maximum permitted.

If there is a fuse or breaker in the home that goes out often, it may be because of a few issues. For example, there could be too many devices plugged into the circuit or the issue maybe there is a short circuit in the actual wiring. Again, it is a good idea to contact the professionals to find out what needs to be done to fix the issue.


If a homeowner begins to notice that outlets or switches are discolored, it is a tell-tale sign of wiring that is damaged. The outlet or switch can be replaced, but sometimes that will not take care of the underlying issue. In most cases, faulty wiring that is in the circuit or even a loose connection is the problem, and this can cause a short circuit. If this happens, an arc may occur, which creates a mini fire that results in the switch’s surface to discolor because of the heat. Do not ignore a discolored switch or outlet, as it is a serious sign of an electrical problem.

Dimming Lights

Sometimes, the lights in a home may dim for no apparent reason. However, sometimes, this occurs when a larger appliance comes on, like the air conditioner or refrigerator. If this happens, it may be a good idea to speak with an electrician about the installation of a dedicated circuit for these larger appliances.

Don’t ignore the signs of an electrical issue. The problem is only going to get worse as time passes. The professionals will be able to find the underlying problem and make the repairs needed quickly and efficiently. This will keep the home and everyone inside safe and sound.