Baxley, GA Electrical Services

When it comes to a home’s electrical system, there is no question that things can be “shocking.” After all, no one expects to turn on a light and receive a jolt of electricity or run the air conditioner and see their bathroom lights dim. Unfortunately, these are just a few of the signs that there may be a problem with a home’s electrical system.

To know when it is time to call for professional electrical services for a Baxley, GA home, it is essential to get to know some of the other signs of an issue. Keep reading to find out what these signs are below.

Excessive Use of Extension Cords

If someone is using many extension cords in their home, it means there are not enough electrical outlets present. Also, if there are too many appliances that are running off just one, multi-socket outlet, it also means that there are not enough outlets present

While extension cords are a helpful way to provide power to a device or appliance on a short-term basis if no outlet is nearby, it is not the safest option for longer periods of time. If an extension cord is used, it will introduce several risks including electrical shorting, twisted cords, or a poor connection. Also, extension cords may get in the way and cause someone to trip and fall. If this is the case, it is a good idea to contact the professionals from HDI Home & Office Electrical Services to discuss the installation of new or more outlets.

Appearance of Sparks

If sparks show up when electricity is used in a home, they represent a serious fire potential. It is never a good idea to accept any type of sparking and it is never normal. If there are sparks created by a home’s electrical system, like in a fuse box or outlet, it is a good idea to have it inspected by an electrician.

If there are sparks emitted by an appliance, it means that the appliance needs to be checked out. It may require repairs, which can be taken care of by the warranty if there is one in place.

The Wrong Sockets

Remember, not all of a home’s electrical outlets are the same. If a room has a water supply, like a kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, a unique type of electrical outlet is needed compared to other rooms in the house. This is because (if someone isn’t aware) water is a great conductor for electricity. That means it can be quite dangerous if there is ever a fault.

The outlets that are required in these areas is a ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI. These are easy to recognize because there are tow buttons found in the middle. If a bathroom or kitchen outlet looks just like the other ones that are found in the home, it is a good idea to have them inspected and even replaced with a GFCI outlet.

Strange Sounds

It is never “normal” to hear any type of buzzing or humming sound from an electrical circuit or wiring in a home. If this happens, there are several possible causes. It could be due to defective appliances, loose connections, or faulty wiring. If it is possible to determine where the noise is coming from, then stop using that electrical component. Be sure to call an electrician to see what needs to be done next.

Why It Is So Important to Invest in an Electrical inspection?

Any of the issues mentioned above let a homeowner know that it is time to schedule an electrical inspection. While these inspections can be done at any time, it is a good idea to schedule them when purchasing a new house and then have any house checked for potential problems every few years.

Another reason to consider an electrical inspection is during any big renovation project. The inspector can find signs of problems and recommend improvements to the system to ensure that the system can operate safely and efficiently. It is also a good idea to schedule this inspection if any type of home improvement is being done.

When it comes to a home’s electrical system, there are more than a few factors to consider. However, electricity can be quite dangerous, which means it is a good idea to know for sure if repairs are needed. Taking the time to review the information here and then calling a professional for help in a timely manner will pay off and ensure the desired results are achieved.