Screven, GA Light Switch Repair And Installation

You probably don’t give much thought to the fact that today we need only flip a switch to light up a room. Some people take electrical lighting for granted even though lighting has become so popular in modern homes only in the last century It’s only when the lights go out that we realize how dependent we are on modern lighting technology. Electric lighting is vital to our safety and our ability to perform routine tasks efficiently.

Americans use electricity, in some form or another, every day. Improvements in new technology have made electrical lighting safer as well as convenient for their users. A professional can assist you with bringing your home up to date, or at least repair what you already have.

Light Switch Repair and Installation

A local electrician is one call or click away, and can readily help you with light switch repairs or installations. For you to have the best choice that can accurately fit your needs, they can walk you through a wide variety of light switches. There are different kinds of switches that you can find now and some of them are push-button, dimmer, toggle, motion-activated, selector, sound-activated, photo-electric, and smart switch.

A simple light switch is a personal choice that can potentially determine the functionality of the room. While some homeowners would like to choose the affordable option, others would want their rooms to have the latest technology. Whichever the case may be, an electrician can handle repairs and installations of your light switches.

Toggle Switches

For homes today, these are the basic, standard switches. It works by flipping the toggle up or down and that turns the lights on or off. The toggle might even have the words “on” and “off” written on it to let you know which way performs which action. These are the cheapest sort of switch, a lot of professionals already have them on hand and they come in a lot of different colors, but the standard ones are white or cream.

Push-Button Switches

These are one of the most popular types of switches, are cost-effective, and usually kept on hand by your electrician. The user just needs to push the bottom or top of the switch to get the light to turn off or on. Sometimes the switch remains recessed after pressing, but other models bounce back after they are pressed.

At the least, many homes have a push-button switch in their bathrooms, as one side of a double switch provides power to the lights and the other side runs the fan. These switches come in different colors and are easy to install.

Dimmer Switches

These switches are very helpful for a multiple of reasons. A dimmer switch can help to adjust the brightness of the light at an appropriate level especially when fully bright lights aren’t needed. Dimmer switches are available in slide switch and round knob models and they are simple for an electrician to install.

Depending on the bulb and the dimmer, the dimming function might not be as strong as you wish. You should get informed about the range of brightness a particular dimmer provides.

Motion-Activated Switches

Consider motion-activated switches for the parts of your home you often enter with your hands full, like your garage, porch, or basement. Even rooms with switches far away from the door can get an advantage from motion-activated technology. There is a sensor on this type of switch that allows it to detect movement in the room.

Sometimes when the person subsequently has slight movement, they can turn the lights off on their own, even if the person is still inside the room. Motion-activated switches are very convenient in some parts of your home, but perhaps are not your choice for every room.

Sound-Activated Switches

Sound activated switches, such as “the clapper” are great options for those who have limited mobility. These switches respond to sound, so you don’t have to get up to turn your lights on or off. These are fairly easy to install with the help of an electrician and can be installed anywhere in your home.

Selector Switches

With a selector switch, there are various settings that you can choose from to control the light and its different functions. The user toggles the switch from one setting to the next one, usually going around in a circular pattern.

A selector might have just a couple of choices, or it could have several. This type of switch can be found in lights that allow the homeowner to change the color. Selector switches are very common in residential use, but they can be helpful for some hobbies or activities.

Photo-Electric Switches

Switches that are photo-electric turn on the lights when the sunsets. You can often find these switches on patios and in lamp-posts. While these may not be practical for every corner of the house, a professional can easily install these switches.

Smart Switches

There are smart switches now that can be easily controlled by a smart home speaker or a phone app. Some of these smart switches can connect to already present lights and fixtures. There are some of them though that is best paired with lights and devices that also use smart technology.

Smart lights offer homeowners a high degree of control over their colors and brightness. You could set your lights anywhere from 1% to 100% brightness as desired, and you can also put them on a schedule to automatically turn off and on at the times of your choosing. Smart devices like lights and switches can easily be synchronized anywhere in the home and easy to be set up with the use of a smartphone app.