Screven, GA Electrical Panel Installation Services

Breaker boxes or electrical panels channel electricity from the electric company to the home and regulate how much energy is distributed to each circuit. A problem with your electrical panel can cause problems with one or more circuits in your home. It’s time to call in a professional if you find yourself constantly resetting tripped breakers or you notice that some of your outlets are not working. An experienced electrician should be able to fix whatever is wrong with your electrical panel or to install a new one if that’s what’s needed.

Typically boards are situated in a storeroom, carport, or someplace outside of the home. Every homeowner should be able to access their electrical panel quickly and know how it operates. Unfortunately, as time goes on, there are specific types and brands of panels that are not safe anymore. They may have been safe years ago, but they are not safe anymore for you to use at home. It’s a good idea to have your electrical panel inspected for safety by an experienced electrician.

When should you replace your electrical panel?

Breakers control the electrical energy that flows into a circuit. If there is circuit overload then the breaker will automatically trip and shut down the electricity flow. You may have an experience of this when there were a lot of appliances that you turned on at the same time in the same circuit. It is easy to fix this. You just need to unplug the devices and reset the breaker.

Nevertheless, if this is a regular occurrence, you may need professional service to help replace your old panel with a new one that will provide sufficient power for your home to meet all its needs. If just one breaker is tripping and the system is not being overloaded, then you might simply have a damaged breaker that needs to be replaced to solve the problem.

When you find that you’re having to replace individual breakers frequently, it may make more sense to upgrade to a newer panel. You may not know how old your panel is, but if you see breakers of different brands and colors, you know that there have been replacements.

When you are replacing an old appliance with a new one, you should always ask an electrician to check to make sure your panel is compatible, otherwise, you might overload your system. This is a crucial step in case your appliance needs a lot more power to run than the last one. In case your panel is not suitable for your appliance, you should get a new panel.

AFCI outlets are installed in new panels and they protect the wires from fire breakouts that can be caused by jumping electricity. Any panel installed before 1999 is likely not to have this particular safety feature. If there are no AFCI outlets, your home becomes vulnerable to electrical hazards.

A skilled electrician can inspect and assess any vulnerability in your panel and outlets. If there are no problems with your panel then they can install AFCI outlets in your home.

If there is rust or corrosion anywhere around the panel, this warrants an immediate replacement. If they are not properly protected, worn-out panels are more likely to be damaged through surges, fires, and other factors.

Other signs that your panel needs replacing include:

  • appliances overheating quickly when plugged in
  • lights flickering when appliances are in use
  • hissing
  • burning smell coming from the panel
  • burn marks on panel or outlets
  • popping or other noises coming from the breaker box
  • melted electrical wires
  • the panel is warm or hot to the touch

Any unusual occurrence with your home’s electrical system should prompt you to call a professional electrician immediately. If you end up overloading your circuit, you could end up killing anything you plug into it. If you ignore the signs of a faulty panel, it could end up costing you a lot of money and could even be a hazard. A faulty electrical panel can cause a fire and electrocute someone.

Electrical panels may last a good long while, but sooner or later they will show signs of wear and tear. For one thing, electrical wires are subject to fraying and deterioration of their insulating coating. One cause of electrical problems is the unfortunate tendency of rodents to chew on wires. Regardless of the issue, you’re experiencing, an electrician will be able to assess the damage and let you know what you need to do.

You may need to replace the entire unit or it might be as simple as replacing a wire. No matter what is needed, your electrician will be able to guide you through your options and get your new panel installed quickly so that you can have electricity in your home once again.

You can ensure the safety of your family as well as your appliance by contacting a professional today to inspect the panel in your home. Professional electricians are highly qualified in the repair and replacement of electric panels. If you are unfamiliar with electric work, you could cause further damage and even seriously harm yourself. Electricians have dealt with all kinds of electrical work and will quickly and safely service your home.